Car No. YTC1001-TY1 Car No. YTC1001-TY2 Car No. YTC1001-TY3
RAV4, 1800ccG Hiace Van, Super GL, 3.0D, Land Cruiser PRADO, 3.0D
5Door/5Seater, 2001(Silver)
4Door, 2001model(Silver-II tone)
5Door/8Seater, 2000(Silver)

Car No. YTC1001-TY4 Car No. YTC1001-TY5 Car No. YTC1001-TY6
Caldina Wgn, AZT241W, 2000cc Town Ace Noah, 2.0L, Land Cruiser VX, 4700cc
5Door/5Seater, 2002,(Blue) 4Door/7Seater ,2001(White) 5Door/8Seater, 1998(Pearl)

Car No. YTC1001-TY7 Car No. YTC1001-TY8 Car No. YTC1001-TY9
Caldina Wgn, ST210G, 2000cc Caldina Wgn, 2.0LTurbo CAMI, 1300cc
5Door/5Seater, 2001(Pearl) 5Door/5Seater, 2002,(Blue) 5Door/5Seater,2000(Silver)

Car No. YTC1001-TY10 Car No. YTC1001-TY11 Car No. YTC1001-TY12
CAMI, 1300cc Celica, 1800cc,Twin-Turbo Celica, SS1, 2000cc
5Door/ 5Seater, 2001(Blue) 2Door/4Seater, 2004,(Silver)

Car No. YTC1001-TY13 Car No. YTC1001-TY14 Car No. YTC1001-TY15
Celica,GT41, 2.0L , Twin-Turbo Land Cruiser, ZX-Ltd, 4.2D Corolla Van, DX, EE102V, 1.3L
2Door/Seater, 1994(Black) 5Door/5Seater, 2001,(Green)

Car No. YTC1001-TY16 Car No. YTC1001-TY17 Car No. YTC1001-TY18
Corolla Saloon, NZE121, 1.5L Corolla Fielder, NZE121G, 1.5L DUET, M101A, 1000cc
4Door/5Seater, 2003(Pearl)
5Doors/.5Seater, 2001,(Silver) 5Door/5Seater, 2001(Silver)

Car No. YTC1001-TY19 Car No. YTC1001-TY20 Car No. YTC1001-TY21
Harrier, ACU10W, 2400cc Hiace Van,Super GL, 2.8D Hiace Van,DX Long, 2.8D
5Door, 5Seater, 2001(Pearl) 4Door, 1998,(Silver II-tone)
4Door, MT, 1995(White)

Car No. YTC1001-TY22 Car No. YTC1001-TY23 Car No. YTC1001-TY24
Hiace Van-DX, 2000cc Land Cruiser PRADO, 2.7L Land Cruiser, VX-Ltd, 4.2D
4Door, AT, 2004(White)
5Door/8Seater, 2003,(Silver)

Car No. YTC1001-TY25 Car No. YTC1001-TY26 Car No. YTC1001-TY27
Land Cruiser, LX-Ltd, 4200D NADIA, SXN10W, 2000cc NADIA, SXN10W, 2000cc
5Door, 5Seater, 2002(Beige) 5Doo/.5Seater, 2000,(Pearl) 5Door/5Seater,2001(Pearl)

Car No. YTC1001-TY28 Car No. YTC1001-TY29 Car No. YTC1001-TY30
PLATZ, SCP11, 1000cc PLATZ, NCP12, 1500cc Land Cruiser PRADO, 3.0D
5Door/ 5Seater, 2002(Gold) 5Door/5Seater, 2001,(Silver) 5Door/8Seater,2001(Silver)

Car No. YTC1001-TY31 Car No. YTC1001-TY32 Car No. YTC1001-TY33
Premio, ZZT240, 1800cc RAUM, EXZ10, 1500cc Corolla Saloon, NZE121, 1500cc
5Doo/5Seater, 2001,(Silver) 5Door/5Seater,2001(Beige)

Car No. YTC1001-TY34 Car No. YTC1001-TY35 Car No. YTC1001-TY36
RAV4, ACA31W, 2400cc RAV4, ACA36W, 2400cc Starlet, Carat, EP91, 1300cc
5Door/5Seater, 2005(Silver) 5Door/5Seater, 2007,(Black) 5Door/5Seater,1998(Green)

Car No. YTC1001-TY37 Car No. YTC1001-TY38 Car No. YTC1001-TY39
Supra, RZ-Twin TB, 3000cc Ipsum, ACM21W, 2400cc VITZ, SCP10, 1000cc
2Door/Coupee, 1995(Silver) 5Door/7Seater, 2001,(Pearl) 5Door/5Seater,2001(Silver)

Car No. YTC1001-TY40 CarNo.YTC1001-TY41 Car No. YTC1001-TY42
Land Cruiser(New) -AX, 4700cc L/C PRADO(New)TX, 2.7L Harrier(New), ACU30W, 2.4L
5Door/8Seater, 2008(Pearl)
5Door/8Seater, 2008(Black)

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