Imported Cars

Car No. YTC1011-A4-1 Car No. YTC1011-MB-2 Car No. YTC1011-MB-3
AUDI A4, 1800ccG, Benz, SLK230Komp, 2300ccG Benz,  C200Komp, 2000ccG
5Dr.5Seater, 2001,(Silver) 2Dr.2Seater,1998(Sliver) 5Dr.5Seater,2000(Silver)

Car No. YTC1011-MB-4 Car No. YTC1011-MB-5 Car No. YTC1011-H2-6
Benz, C200Komp, 2000ccG Benz, E240, 2400ccG, Hummer-H2, 6000ccG,
5Dr.5Seater,2001(Silver) 5Dr.5Seater,2001(Silver) 5Dr.6Seater,2007,(Black)

Car No. YTC1011-H3-7 Car No. YTC1011-H3-8 Car No. YTC1011-206-9
Hummer-H3, 3500ccG Hummer-H3, 3500ccG Peugeot-206, 1600ccG,
5Dr.5Seater,2006(White) 5Dr.5Seater,2006(Pearl) 4Dr.5Seater,2001,(Silver)

Car No. YTC1011-306-10 Car No. YTC1011-MB-11 Car No. YTC1011-406-12
Peugeot 306, 2000ccG Benz, ML320 3200ccG Peugeot 406, 2000ccG
3Dr.5Seater, 1995(Silver) 5Dr.5Seater,2001(Silver) 5Dr.5Seater,2001,(Blue)

Car No. YTC1011-MB-13 Car No. YTC1011-RR-14 Car No. YTC1011-VWGW-15
Benz, V230, 2300ccG Range Rover-Vogue VW Golf Wagen, 1600ccG,
5Dr.8Seater,2002(Pearl) 5Dr.7Seater,2001(Green) 5Dr.5Seater,2001,(Silver)

Car No. YTC1011-VWG-16 Car No. YTC1011-VWG-17 Car No. YTC1011-VWG-18
VW Golf, 1800ccG, VW Golf, 1600ccG, VW Golf, 1600ccG,
5Dr.5Seater,1998(Silver) 5Dr.5Seater,2001(Silver) 5Dr.5Seater,2003(Silver)

Car No. YTC1011-VWNB-19 Car No. YTC1011-VWPa-20 Car No. YTC1011-VWPo-21
VW New Beetle, 2000ccG VW Passat, 2000ccG, VW Polo, 1400ccG,
4Dr.5Seater,2001(Silver) 5Dr.5Seater,2000(Silver) 5Dr.4Seater,2001,(Silver)

Car No. YTC1011-VWPo-22
VW Polo, 1400ccG,

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